Businesses depend on computer technology to keep their business working. It can be very frustrating when your computer technology breaks down. Many times, it’s not that it breaks, but that little glitches pop up all of the time. Yes, they are small computer problems, and many times you may find a way around it, but then another issue comes up, then another. What is the impact of this? Users get frustrated. Management gets frustrated. You’ll find the general manager or office manager is the first one called. Yes, they know the little issues that employees see with their computers, but how much time must they spend fixing them?

After that frustration builds, the internal help calls for IT support. Does your IT company answer the phone right away? If they do answer the phone, is your IT company able to dispatch a tech right away to help? This is generally not the case. Many times, you get voicemail. You then need to wait for a call back, and then your Computer tech tells you they will be out in a day or two because they are very busy.

Now what if it’s not just a small computer glitch but a big situation. What if the server went down? What if data was lost? How long can you wait for help?

IT Managed Services addresses many of these issues by taking a different approach to IT support. What if your IT company put all of its efforts into preventing the issues? What if your IT company could take a proactive approach just like an auto service center would do? Managed services is just that.

Here at ACR, we have built a system we call “IT Made Easy”. This system leverages our years of knowledge in IT to produce the results all businesses are looking for. No down time. No constant recurring IT issues, and peace of mind knowing that the most important part of your business is running smooth at all times.

IT managed services implements a stack of tools that watches over your network. After baselining a network, these tools will then notify our IT support team of any issues that may arise. As a matter of fact, we know of small issues before they become big issues and can remedy these issues quickly. Along with the monitoring of your technology, ACR provides a blanket of security starting where your internet enters the building right on down to every user and a full disaster recover system that can fail over within minutes and save the day if you happen to have a catastrophic server issue. Top it off with our team of trained IT help desk technicians that are always standing by to help with your computer support needs and you have a powerful package supporting all of your computer technology from top to bottom.

One of the biggest benefits of IT managed services is the ability to budget your IT services costs. Our “IT Made Easy” program is a flat rate fee every month. As a business owner, you now know what you will pay to fully support your network. No more surprises. No more big bills when something goes wrong. The price is always the same.

Consider the final and perhaps biggest benefit of IT managed services. Each of our clients gets a dedicated vCIO. Ongoing, our team manages a technology checklist showing areas of your technology that will need attention in the future. Every quarter, your vCIO will meet with you to review and help you plan ahead for upcoming changes in your network and growth plans. Having a technology advisor as part of your team takes yet another big responsibility off your plate so you can run your business and Keep Working.

Here's some of the benefits of our IT Made Easy managed services program:

Proactive Technology Management

Our proactive services include Patch and Security management, Spam Management, Desktop Optimization, Documentation of your entire network, and Disaster Recovery services.

Network Administration

A dedicated Network Administrator will work through our technology checklist to ensure that best practices are being implemented.  The network admin also reviews all centralized service reports.

Technology Consulting

Your dedicated vCIO will regularly review with you a summary of your technology, budget planning, and business impact of technology decisions.

Reactive Support Services

Our IT Customer support team will deliver helpdesk support, on-site support, problem isolation and resolution.  Our friendly team is always available for "how to" questions as well.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands.
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