ACR technicians are prompt, courteous, and patient. They are always able to answer all of my questions. I know my computer is being serviced by professionals!

Ellen Kelly Mount Laurel, NJ

Layne is an international company, and while we manage the majority of our IT work internally, there are times that we need to outsource for IT help at remote locations. We were very pleased to discover and work with ACR Technology Solutions in New Jersey. ACR helped us out at our Beverly, NJ location. I just want to say thank you for working with all the issues that we had. I truly appreciate working with you and look forward to working with you on future projects at Beverly and other Layne locations in your area. Great job!

Jun Sarceno Sr. Technical Support Analyst

To anyone who is considering hiring Matt Dariano’s firm, Advanced Computer Repair, I will tell you first hand why that would be a wise decision! I worked alongside my I.T. department at a national insurance company where I developed a database and saw the challenges of I.T. work first hand. Matt and his employees make explaining the technical stuff and negotiating the maze of computer issues simple. They are responsive, very friendly, easily reachable, and are really a pleasure to work with. They do what they agree to do, on time and within budget. Their rates are very reasonable. Just yesterday, I needed to change a setting days after Matt completed an installation for me. Rather than scheduling a call, or walking me through how to do the change, he simply asked if he could call into my computer, and my son and I watched him click buttons 90 mph and, literally, within about 30 seconds, remotely made the change. It was awesome to watch. I set up a home office in 2009 and Matt worked directly with the I.T. specialist for a company with whom I was doing some consulting work. The I.T. manager called me after he and Matt got my computer and printers aligned with their company's VPN network, and the I.T. guy said, "Hey, that guy you hired is good." I think that speaks volumes!

Laura Church

On many occasions I have found myself frustrated with my computers. Whether it’s viruses, moving programs around, setting up a new computer, or configuring a network printer, the guys at Advanced Computer Repair have always been there, making all my computing needs EASY! Thanks, Matt.

Mel Hill Delanco, NJ

Like many people, I find computers to be a necessary evil. But the guys at ACR certainly make life a lot easier for my company. We have been using Matt for many years now. We have completely revamped our network, replaced nearly every computer and server in the office, built a new website, and much more. Advanced Computer Repair was always there for us, keeping us up to date and keeping our business running smoothly.

Bill Staley Lightning Lift Products
Delanco, NJ

When my computer got a virus, I chose Advanced Computer Repair to help clean it out. The guys there did a great job, but what I never expected was that my computer was finished and ready the same day I dropped it off. Thanks for the speedy service!

Jamie Braunwarth Gloucester, NJ

The first thing that comes to mind about Matt Dariano and Advanced Computer Repair is trustworthy. We have always felt that Matt gives us a true evaluation and always feel confident in his recommendations for what we need. We’ve been having Advanced Computer Repair work on our computers for many years. We just brought in our older computer for some upgrades. This computer was built by Matt about 7 years ago and it’s still running great! Thanks for all the great support over the years.

Chris Lodge Cinnaminson, NJ

Both my wife and I have used Advanced Computer Repair to repair our laptops for over five years. Matt was referred to me by another happy customer. I have also used Matt at my business to set up and service, as necessary, our office network. I recently needed emergency service on my laptop as I was leaving town for vacation in two days. Matt diagnosed the problem to be a bad hard drive and had the problem resolved, as promised, prior to my leaving for vacation. I highly recommend Matt and the staff at Advanced Computer Repair.

Neil Haddonfield, NJ

I've been a customer of Advanced Computer Repair for the last 6 years. They have always fixed my computer problems in a timely fashion and for a reasonable price. I would recommend them for any of your computer repairs/concerns.

Chris Houdart West Deptford, NJ

I have been a customer of ACR for over 10 years. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. They have built computers for me, helped me with spyware and viruses and any computer needs I've ever had. Thanks for all the great support over the years!

Herb Hingley West Deptford, NJ

The screen on my laptop broke quite a while ago. The guys at ACR said they could get me a replacement, but you know how life is. I had to use my laptop for work, so I decided to get by using an external monitor. Well, I certainly didn't count on a spyware outbreak! I brought the laptop in, to have the spyware removed, only to find out from Matt that now the screen has become a problem. You can't bring the computer into safe mode to remove the spyware with the screen in this condition. Long story short. I'm up and running again in 4 days. They got the screen in overnight and rushed to complete the job to get me back in business. Thanks for minimizing the headaches and getting me up and running!

Kevin McDannell House of Speed
Moorestown, NJ

Moving an office is never as easy as you may think… We had been working with Advanced Computer Repair for quite a while when our company realized we had to move to a new office in a very short period of time. Among the many things we needed to deal with was the moving of all our computers to the new location. The guys at ACR took on this huge task and made the job virtually worry free. When Monday morning came and we needed to start working, our server and all the workstations were online and ready for business. Thanks, Matt, for turning a potentially big problem into just another day at the office.

Tom Commercial Real Estate Company
Mt. Laurel NJ

Sometimes, everything just happens at once. All of my computers were having problems. I had the guys at Advanced Computer Repair come out. When they left, we had one computer up and running. The other was in bad shape and needed more extensive work. Matt backed up all of my data, restored the operating system on the computer, restored my data, and delivered it back to me in two days' time. All of my important data was saved and accessible so I lost nothing and could continue what I was doing. Excellent Service! Thanks again.

Marty Falk Moorestown NJ

We’ve been a customer of Advanced Computer Repair for many years. Our earlier needs were simple, but as our business has grown, we found out that the things required to keep our business going have become a lot more complicated. I consider the guys at ACR to be our in-house IT staff. We now use a server, have developed a website, set up shared printers, and so much more. Fast, friendly support is why we keep coming back. Keep up the good work, Matt, and thanks for always being there when we need you.

George Koch Med Concepts
Pennsauken, NJ

When we inadvertently let in a slew of spyware and viruses onto our desktop computer from what we thought was a safe and reputable website, the techs at ACR quickly and efficiently cleaned out our computer and for an extremely reasonable fee. They even loaded their free and recommended Protection Software Suite so we wouldn’t get caught in that situation again. We were back up and running in a day! ACR is now our preferred place to go for all of our computer-related issues! Thanks, guys!

Robin Moorestown NJ

As an office manager for a decent sized company, you often find that your responsibilities are vast. One of my responsibilities included managing a lot of the IT work in our office. While we used ACR for many years, we were simply on a break-fix plan. When something broke, ACR came out and fixed it. However, there were many times where this responsibility simply fell to me. A lot of things seem minor and easy enough to deal with, but each little thing certainly added up to a lot of my time. A few years back, Matt presented us with a new concept, managed services, with their IT Made Easy plan. Yes, the cost was more, but what a difference it has made around here! Matt told us that by proactively managing our network, we would actually save time and money. Now, I have freed up a lot of time to focus on my job, and ACR takes care of our network. We can budget for our IT now. No variables. And, we have a reliable fast network. I am so pleased with the results and would highly recommend this program to any business. Thank you, ACR, for delivering as promised.

Stephanie Blackwell MEND, Inc.
Moorestown NJ

You may think that a PC-focused company would not work on Macs. Wrong! We are primarily a MAC based studio and ACR has done a great job keeping our systems running, secure and up-to-date. They also set up our corporate email service and are working on setting up Office 365 for multiple users. I highly recommend ACR for any and all of your networking and computer needs.

Adam Blyn Corporate Graphic Resources, Inc.
Marlton NJ

I’ve been working with ACR for many years. As our systems changed over the years, we went from simple networking into a Server based environment. ACR helped get all of our equipment set up properly including our critical line of business app. Whenever we have a need, ACR is there for us. Thank you for all the excellent support over the years.

Michael Donoghue Team Rehab
Woodbury NJ

I've been working with ACR for over five years now. In my early stages, my company was just starting out and my needs were minimal. As time has passed, my company has grown. ACR has done an excellent job keeping up with my growth. My company is almost fully cloud utilizing hosted exchange, Office 365, and One Drive for file sharing and collaboration. ACR has helped with setting all of this up helping our technology grow with our business. Thank you so much for your attention and for being there when I need your support.

Mike Newell Lifespan Care Management

My firm has been using ACR Technology Solutions for over six years. In addition to solving occasional computer issues, they assisted in helping us select a new computer system, installing it and transferring programs and files. They also do our off site backup and can monitor our system remotely if needed. I have found Matt and his employees to not only be very knowledgeable, but very easy to deal with. As an added bonus, his firm sends a monthly newsletter which I have found to be very informative. I highly recommend Matt and his team for your technology needs.

Philip Cooper, DMD, MBA American Practice Consultants
Moorestown, NJ

While our business may be considered small, our computers play a critical role in keeping our driving school organized. It’s always great to know that the guys at ACR are there when we need them. From the smallest to the biggest issues, we’ve come to depend on ACR for all of our computer needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to keep their computers up and running.

Mary Beth Caracci South Jersey Driving School
Moorestown, NJ

William H. Nicholson Associates, P.A. is a “small-business” Civil Engineering firm. As such, we do not have an in-house IT department or dedicated manager. As Civil Engineers and Land Planners (i.e., not IT people) we need significant support keeping our technology up and running. ACR Technology Solutions has been our Tech Support Consultant (a.k.a. WHNA’s IT Department) since at least early 2011. From fixing our machines we dropped off at Matt’s shop when ACR Tech was in Moorestown, to on-site support, ACR Tech Solutions have seen us through our evolution from two sets of peer to peer computers, to installing a network with onsite server, onsite backup facilities, and network-connected large format plotter, through server, workstation-computer, and backup system upgrades, to being the first kids on the block to use cloud based server/data storage; actually a file synchronization service. ACR managed the whole migration from onsite server to our cloud-based file synch solution. The vendor of the file synchronization solution that we chose had multiple significant “back end” problems which could have caused us enormous grief. But ACR rode herd on the vendor to resolve the issues and get our cloud-based system up and running. That was back in 2014 and I must say that we have had super results with it and I believe 100% uptime since. This has freed me from much work and vexation with IT issues. ACR has also helped us with file recovery and restoration after a ransomware attacked our system, with no lost files and no paying ransom. They installed and maintain our firewall protection and virus and malware scan measures. ACR Technology Solutions periodically visit our office to maintain our in-house computers in clean and efficient operating condition and occasionally provide virtual visit support to troubleshoot and fix software issues. We appreciate the quick assistance when we need it and the guidance ACR Technology Solutions has provided over the years and continues to provide. I am sure you would appreciate their knowledge and skills too.

Scott Williams Civil Engineer and Land Planner
William H. Nicholson Associates, P.A.
Mt. Laurel, NJ